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A Few Things You Should Know About Air Assisted Laser Cutting

Metal laser professionals know that there’s more than one way to use a laser cutting machine. They also know which gasses work best. Most of them opt to use nitrogen or oxygen, however air assisted laser cutting may be better for them. Its cost efficiency is one of the main reasons to switch, but is it right for you? Here are a few things to consider before making the switch.

How It Works

Fiber laser cutting machines and CO2 lasers don’t rely strictly on the laser to cut the metal. An assist gas injects from the nozzle as the laser is being used. For many years oxygen was the gas of choice until it was discovered that nitrogen produced a cooler cut which resulted in cleaner edges. Using air is similar to nitrogen especially since air is 80% nitrogen in the first place. Although the two gasses are similar, air provides a slightly higher quality at a lower price. This has many fabricators all too eager to make the switch.

The Perks of Air Assist

The clean up after nitrogen use with a laser cutter can be a time consuming clean-up effort. When using air as the gas of choice the clean-up part of the job is significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. Nitrogen prices have gone up 90% and is expected to continue to rise, however air is much cheaper and the prices are fairly stable. Air assist has been developing since 1998 and with the recent improvements of technology air assist is becoming more common within the industry.

When to Use Air

Although air assist is on the rise it is not always the best choice for the product. Air is best used on thinner objects that need to be cut and stainless steel. Nitrogen still provides a quicker cut and a cleaner edge, so if your company is responsible for cutting objects for the food and aerospace industries then it is best to continue to use nitrogen to avoid any mishaps. The cosmetic industry is another example of when nitrogen is a better option. A lot of those products cannot have any imperfections on them and while air does provide quality work it could leave some minor imperfections in the product.

Air assisted gas is a progressive resource and a great choice if a company is seeking to lower cost and raise production. If the industry that you are in fits well with the type of materials the air assist works best with then it will be fairly easy and wise to make the transition. With everything there is always pros and cons to any situation. After learning more information about air as it relates to nitrogen take all factors into situation and make the correct choice for your product. If the type of work you do varies then using both could work. You could save money when necessary and continue to use nitrogen or oxygen when the product calls for it.…

Waterjet Cutting

Laser Cutting Vs Waterjet Cutting

When it comes to laser cutting versus water jet cutting there is a lot of debate. The fact of the matter is that both options have their own level of benefits that they can offer the user. But with that being said, you need to know which one is better for you before you start any job. If you do not you may end up with below average results, or paying more money than you have to. So, in order to avoid this, knowing the benefits of both methods of cutting will save you time in the long run.

As a general rule of thumb, if a laser cutter and a water jet can both do the job you will want to opt for the laser cutting technology. There are really two main benefits of laser cutting technology that makes it so popular.

First and foremost, with laser profiling you will be able to complete the job much faster than with any other method. This is vital in market sectors such as automotive or aerospace where providing laser cut parts has become an integral part of large projects. Typically, components are made available for prototyping or proofing purposes whilst high volume production tools are still being engineered. This means that the final car or plane comes to market much sooner foreshortening the time it takes to recover the development costs.

And to go along with saving time, with cutting by laser the components will also be ready for service right away. There is no need to go through a tedious cleaning process after the cutting is complete. Most quality laser cutter machines such as those made by Trumpf allow the operator to change gas pressures and cutting speeds to ensure that a near perfect finish is achieved.get more updated blog post from

The other major benefit of laser profiling is that it offers precision cuts. Due to an extremely narrow cut width you will never have to worry about not getting what you want. Detailed work can be carried out with accuracy thanks to cuts as small as 0.1 mm. This means that laser profiling is suitable for many varied uses such as for complex furniture or sculptures.

Waterjet CuttingFinally, it is also thought that laser cutter mahines are among the cleanest of all the cutting methods. For the customer this means that they do not run the risk that their parts will be damaged or affected by the waste products associated with water jet cutting.

As you can see there are many benefits that go along with this method of cutting. This is not to say that laser cutting is always the best option, but for most people this is the way to go. If you do not have the equipment necessary to complete a job you can always turn to a laser cutting specialist to lend you some assistance. This way you will have a professional working with you to finalize the job and advise on best practice procedure.

Overall, laser cutting offers many benefits. If you are in need of precision cutting you should look into what this type of technology has to offer.…

Laser Cutting Services

Laser Cutting Services – Fast and Affordable New -Age Technology

Technology has affected our lives in many ways one could ever imagine. One of the popular technology system and services is the laser cutting services. It is a technique used in present times. It is a combination of computer systems, imaging systems of galvanometric and industrial lasers. It gives you speed, precision and versatility, which cannot be matched. Due to its varying benefits and advantages, it is one of the most popular cutting devices.

Skilled engineers work hard to perfect this exclusive technological service. It acts as a medium for cutting of high quality products and gives the products an enhanced look in a lot less time. This was primarily developed in UK and since then has been in practice by leading sheet-manufacturing industries.

In the present time, most of the gadgets and appliances are manufactured with the help of this service. This service can be a little on the expensive side but it assures you safety along with durability.

Laser cutter machine technology assists you and reduces the labor and the time required for everything. The best part about this technology is its accuracy. The product that comes out is precise with accurate measurement of size and shape.

The technology of laser cutting is most often used in the automotive industry and where huge metal pieces are required to be cast into many shapes.

Nowadays many objects and items are made with the help of this technology. Computer cabinets and other various types of furniture are made successfully with the help of the laser cutting services. You will be able to get the exact curves, size and texture through the help of this technique.Read review here!

The machines manufacture immense smooth finish products and hence such a huge number of shops and business are ready to invest in this technology and the large machines required providing any kind of custom component and production making service. Some of the best benefit of this technology services are that it has high tolerance, repeatability, and consistency along with high cutting speed. The qualities of cutting are much superior and totally do away with the dye use. If the laser cutting services are used during large quantities of manufacturing, it can be an extremely cost-effective process.

Laser Cutting ServicesThis process commences with a computer program that directs a great laser power at a particular material that can be cut. When the material starts burning then it leaves a very accurate outline that can be duplicated in same general pattern and time.

This laser cutter technology is used to cut the primary stages of development. Whether it requires to be folded in a particular design, needs rivets, or may be welding in some parts then it can be effectively done. The measurements are highly precise because the cutting computer takes post at

Automotive and aerospace industries are highly benefited by the technology where elements for vehicles and aircraft are made with immense intricacy.

This laser cutter technology is an accurate skill and you should verify that with the company you hire to avail the services for your needs and requirements.…

CNC Machining

CNC Machining – Four Tips to Cut Costs

CNC laser cutter machining nowadays has become extremely competitive because of the sprawl of CNC machine shops in every major city and region. Not only that, even from a global stand point CNC machine shops abound in every country in the world, some of whom have very low labor rates.

Hence every possible opportunity to cut costs in your CNC machining operations has to be considered seriously in order to offset the advantage of very low labor rates available in certain parts of the world. This article lists four such areas that the CNC machine shop owner, manager or foreman can look into in order to reduce costs and thereby increase the bottom line profitability of the machining business.

The first area to address is the raw materials cost. If the same material or family of materials is being machined, then purchasing the materials in bulk or placing a blanket order with scheduled releases can go a long way in reducing costs. This technique is currently employed by many companies quite successfully. There is another way to reduce material costs. That is by purchasing material drops from your raw material vendor.

Raw material companies supply several customers with cut to length material from full length bars and what is left over is usually heavily discounted. These materials meet all of the metallurgical specifications except since their lengths can vary quite significantly, they sell these at a very low price which could mean bargains for you. The second area to address to reduce costs is tooling. CNC laser cutter machine tooling can get to be quite expensive.

Purchase carbide inserts in bulk if possible or place blanket orders with monthly or biweekly or bimonthly releases. This will allow for taking advantage of volume discounts. Drills should be sharpened instead of being thrown away after use on a single job. This may sound too simple, but there are thousands of operators doing exactly the same thing by not sharpening drills. Another place where you can get cheap CNC tooling is from auction houses including on line auctioneers.visit website from

The third area is in chip recycling. With the rising costs of commodities, the value in chips cannot be overstated. Keep different materials separated by storing in separate barrels with clearly identifying tags so materials of different chemistry do not get mixed up. The recycled value of the same material family but with different grades could be different and the recycling company will usually go with the lowest grade material price unless properly segregated.

CNC MachiningFor example 304 stainless steel chips sell for a price different than 400 series stainless steel chips. Also shop around and get the best price for chips. The fourth area for cost control is machining coolant. Many machine shops simply dispose off their coolant after a certain period because machining oils contaminate the coolant and cause smoke in the machine shop.

This can be addressed by an oil skimmer for low volume shops and by an oil water separator unit for the high volume shops. You will need to investigate the return on investment and pay off period on one of these units. In addition to extending the life of the machining coolant, these units enable a machining oil smoke free environment which is healthy for the operators. By following these four tips provided here, you can significantly reduce costs in your CNC laser cutter machining facility.…